Founder/Director of LP Holistic Wellness, Latasha Proctor, has a profound relationship to Holistic Wellness after using her methods to save herself from many years illness.  A former travel book photographer, Proctor fell extremely ill in the Jungles of Cambodia while photographing her book “Angkor” (www.YouBiquityAngkor.com). After several years in-and-out of hospitals with very little help, she used nutritional methods to heal herself from a variety of maladies that had kept her away from enjoy a normal life. 

“There is very little help for people suffering from chronic fatigue issues, and I hope to be a bridge to those who need help figuring out how to help themselves.  After taking charge of my own health issues, I went back to school and learned all I could about holistic healing, something I am completely committed to sharing to those in need.”

As she continues to live her life while suffering from P.O.T.S. (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), she has helped many people who live every day with extreme fatigue issues, and through her experiences, has become an expert at how to overcome fatigue through nutrition, with motivation and commitment.  But it doesn’t stop there; Proctor can help with weight management, aging wellness, body image and creating a healthy lifestyle – get ready to live a full happy life!